Does your name have an interesting meaning? (Asked by :Anupam Malhotra :Global Strategy and Business Development at OnStar )

Hoping to have an educational and entertaining dialog here 🙂

In most societies, names have aspirational meanings or are associated with symbolic representations of the culture including religious symbols, significant places, important people, and key events. Does your name have a meaning? What is its cultural context?

My Answer :

When I was little and I asked my parents what my name meant they said ” serene,humble,simple,modest,good charactered, gentle, calm and polite.My grandmom linked it to Sanskrit saying “its derived from a sanskrit word Sheel which means well mannered…so that made me someone who had good etiquettes and was elegant in manners according to my name.” Cool.
However thanks to you Anupam, today I searched the net to find the exact / most awesome meaning to my name and a site ( tells me that the origin of my name is actually American ! and derived from Shalena ( which is Sha + Lena ) According to quite a bit of research today !):`names begining with Sha is of American origin. A combination of the Sha- prefix with various name endings is used. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable. Names beginning with Sha- are fashionable because they sound attractive.`
Now Lena has different meanings in different cultures : In Norwegian it means `illustrious`; in Latin – Temptress ; in Greek – light.
Wow ! Need to tell my family all of this.Any other Shalini on Linkedin ? 🙂

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