What was the best advice or saying ever given to you?(Asked by :Tom Napier :Senior Account Manager : PSI Engineering ,Toronto)

Once, when I got into trouble as a little boy, my father gave me a lecture that stuck with me all of my live. He said, “Privileges and responsibilities go hand in hand” and that was one of my guiding beacons. Once I could/would show that I was responsible, I would be given or would earn privileges. I find this very helpful in my personal as well as business life and feel it demonstrates trust, which has helped me to become the (somewhat) successful person I am today.

What advice was given to you that stuck with you and helps guide you?


My Answer :

 `If you believe you can,you probably can ! … If you believe you won`t you most assuredly won`t !

BELIEF is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad `

This answer was adjudged as a Good Answer.


Author: Shalini Verma

Hi ! I am Shalini Verma and I help people to Achieve continuous inspiration and success , aid them to FREE energy from patterns and programmes that no longer serve them , partner with them to CREATE energy by putting into place regular work and life practices that are inspiring and sustaining and to MOBILIZE energy by taking intentional action into new oppurtunities and adventures . If you are ready to make inspiration and success your daily reality......then we are ready to go !

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