Executive Training finds a powerful partner:Consciousness Coaching:BIZCOMMUNITY.COM

Life coaching as an industry earns over $100 billion a year worldwide. In America, it’s the second fastest growth industry after IT.

Membership of the Australian branch of the International Coach Federation, the world’s largest professional coach association, has grown from 300 to 750 over the past five years. In the last decade the field of personal and professional coaching has grown substantially as it has proven to be a powerful performance tool.

Over the past few years in South Africa, the growth of the coaching industry has been substantial. Ever-increasing numbers of already successful individuals in industries ranging from teaching to property development to stock-broking are enlisting the support of coaches.

One of the most significant events in the growth of this industry in South Africa and the rest of the world has been the introduction of Consciousness Coaching®. This style of coaching differs from Life Coaching in that Consciousness Coaching® is build on Professional Coaching according to ICF standards as well as AC (awareness creation) according to CCI/Marc Steinberg. The AC component creates awareness in areas where the normal human consciousness is ‘not aware that it is not aware’ – in other words: it doesn’t exist for a person. Possibilities that lay outside of the ‘box’ are what material breakthroughs are made of. Einstein referred to this observation by saying, “The significant problems we have cannot be solved on the same level of thinking that created them.” Normal coaching or Life coaching empowers the individual on the ‘same level of thinking’, which is effective and, merged with a structured, developed Awareness Creation process, we move into the limitless realm of Consciousness Coaching®.

Creative Consciousness International (CCI), the only Consciousness Coaching® academy in the world, has it’s head office in Cape Town with operations happening on a global and local scale. One of CCI’s core product offerings is Executive Training Seminars. These seminars are tailor-made training packages focussing on development in specific areas within each clients business based on the individual training needs of the organisation in question.

More and more businesses in South Africa and around the world are investing in their staff and teams. Executive Training has proven to increase productivity, improve team dynamic, enhance time management, accelerate efficiency and cause significantly higher levels of awareness, responsibility, social competence and commitment in both small and large team environments across a myriad of industries.


Author: Shalini Verma

Hi ! I am Shalini Verma and I help people to Achieve continuous inspiration and success , aid them to FREE energy from patterns and programmes that no longer serve them , partner with them to CREATE energy by putting into place regular work and life practices that are inspiring and sustaining and to MOBILIZE energy by taking intentional action into new oppurtunities and adventures . If you are ready to make inspiration and success your daily reality......then we are ready to go !

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