ABCDE method by Brian Tracy :Effective Time Management Technique

Brian Tracy is an international success coach. He has produced a Podcast series entitled “21 Great Ways To Double Your Productivity.” In this installment of that series, Brian Tracy discusses how to double your output by using the ABCDE Method.

You will find the principles discussed in this article simple to implement in your life. The ABCDE Method by Brian Tracy is hands-down one of the most effective time management methods anywhere.

Brian Tracy says that in order for you to achieve success, you will need to learn to identify and work on your most important tasks until they’re complete. The ABCDE method will help you find your most important tasks and prioritize them.

It’s easy to figure out your most important task. Think about which, of all your tasks, will carry the greatest consequences, whether or not it’s finished.

That’s the key: to continually identify the consequences of completing, or not completing, a given task.

The three steps of Brian Tracy’s Successful ABCDE Method:

1. Make a list of all of your To Do’s.

2. Go through the list and put one of these letters (ABCDE) by each item

“A” items are your key tasks. There will be major consequences if you don’t complete these. Start on these first.

A “B” item is “Should Do” but is not as important as an “A” item. There are only mild consequences to not completing these tasks. The consequences are only short-lived.

“C” tasks have no consequences. They’re nice to do, but not essential. They will not contribute to your long-term success in your personal life or career.

Remember that you should never work on a “B” when an “A” still exists on your list. The same goes for “C” items. Don’t work on these until all of the “B” tasks are complete.

D’s need to be completed but should be given to someone else. In one word – delegate. The only time you should spend on these tasks is the amount of time it takes you to figure out someone to delegate the task to.

“E” stands for eliminate. You can eliminate these tasks and there will be no consequences.

If you want to free yourself to work on your A and B tasks you really need to discipline yourself to get rid of all tasks that can be done by others and to eliminate all non-essential tasks.


3. Put A’s in order of priority.

You do this by placing numbers by each item. 1 for the most important, 2 for the next important, etc. You’ll end up with a list that looks like this: A1, A2, A3, … Next stick to A1 until there is nothing left to do on that task.

If you truly want to double your productivity, you would be wise to adapt the ABCDE Method into your daily planning. Brian Tracy is a master at what he teaches, as demonstrated by his own success.

( Credit : Brian Tracy. )


Author: Shalini Verma

Hi ! I am Shalini Verma and I help people to Achieve continuous inspiration and success , aid them to FREE energy from patterns and programmes that no longer serve them , partner with them to CREATE energy by putting into place regular work and life practices that are inspiring and sustaining and to MOBILIZE energy by taking intentional action into new oppurtunities and adventures . If you are ready to make inspiration and success your daily reality......then we are ready to go !

One thought on “ABCDE method by Brian Tracy :Effective Time Management Technique”

  1. Great !! u keep posting such things. I am going to try this one for sure. From a long time I was confused how to manage life. Now I’ve found it. Thanx !!

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