Good To Great : Jim Collins

Jim Collins, who wrote “Good to Great” (over 2 million copies sold), is a highly respected expert in Management Research in the USA.
In “Good to Great”, he studies the key-success factors of companies which have consistently outperformed their competitors over a period of 15 years.

Based on very extensive research, he finds these “star” companies actually adopt great discipline in matters of:
People (“level 5” leadership style -humility and strong will- and place the right people in the right positions)

Thoughts (confront reality systematically and adjust your business-scope to what you excel at)

Actions (combine a culture of discipline with an ethic of entrepreneurship, and choose your technology carefully)

The two key-points which stood out for me are :

1. A “Level 5” leader…
is very ambitious, first and foremost for the Company, not him/herself
sets-up his/her successor for even greater success
is fanatically driven to produce sustained results, no matter how hard the decisions
takes full responsibility, doesn’t blame others
is modest…
2. It is critical to have the “right” team at all times…
when in doubt, don’t hire, keep looking
when you know you need to make a people-change, act
put your best people on your biggest opportunities, not your biggest problems
debate problems vigorously, reach best answers, unite behind decisions