Train the Trainer : Reflections : Week 1

Shalini Verma 

I am currently taking a new course: Train the Trainer at International Coach Academy, Australia. This is an endeavor to develop my skills to use the tool of teleclasses most effectively in my Coaching business.


The brilliant facilitators Karen Cappello and Sheri Boone will be leading the classes. We were joined by the global director at ICA, Kurt Stewart.


We kicked off the class talking about the adult learning principles (Andragogy:  nature of teaching of adults) and the ICA learning model.


Kurt shared the story of how the seeds of International Coach Academy were sown by the founding director: Robyn Logan and how later she and Bronwyn Bowery teamed up sharing the vision of creating the No.1 coach training school. The ICA training model is solidly based on these principles of how adults learn.


As a part of the program I am required to reflect on some questions. Here are the reflections from Week 1:


Q. What outcome would I like to receive from this Train the Trainer class?


A. The first and foremost the reason I enrolled for the program was to expand my horizons and learn new concepts and skills.

The outcome I wish to receive from this particular course is to develop a sense of confidence in leading teleclasses so that I could explore this as one of the career options as ICA and other coaching institutes are reaching Indian shores. So what I am looking for is  a well engineered  approach to designing a class as well as  guidelines to help me deliver a class with ease.


Q. How do I create a safe space?


A. I would do this by creating the energy in the class with my voice which would be warm, inviting and honoring. Also by humbly accepting to my own self that I am not the only source of knowledge here and also by recognizing and accepting the different cultures, norms and models and the wisdom that the participants bring with them to the class. As Kurt said in the wrap up “to stay out of their (learner’s) way of learning.”


Q. What do I do to be present before I begin class?


A. A breeze through my notes, a check in on the apparatus which would be used during the class, a glass of water and deep breathing allow me to centre down and focus on the class.



Q. How and what would I do in my first training session to insure that I provide the opportunity for learners to take that first step in participating?


A. In my first training session, I will take some time to get to know the participants and their intention in coming to the class. Here tools such as going around the room with an activity which requires giving one word answers can be effective in breaking the ice.


 An open invitation to share their wins during the past week or fortnight and make sure that they acknowledge them.



Give them space to speak. Taking into account different learning styles I might even ask the participants to write some stuff (a sentence or two) and then share it after giving them a minute. This would give enough time and space to people who take some time to reflect and assimilate their thoughts. The overall intent is to use activities to create an atmosphere that breaks down barriers between people and reduces the feeling of threat or self conscious. 







Author: Shalini Verma

Hi ! I am Shalini Verma and I help people to Achieve continuous inspiration and success , aid them to FREE energy from patterns and programmes that no longer serve them , partner with them to CREATE energy by putting into place regular work and life practices that are inspiring and sustaining and to MOBILIZE energy by taking intentional action into new oppurtunities and adventures . If you are ready to make inspiration and success your daily reality......then we are ready to go !

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