Leadership Presence – Do you have it in you?

Have you ever wondered how some people control the “environment” when they step in, make others sit a little upright when they start speaking and inspire their audience to make that commitment in dotted lines by the time they complete the last sentence of their line of thinking. Have you come across someone inspiringly influential and their board room gravitas motivates everyone who breathes the air that s/he breathes.

Simply put, their “leadership presence” is what makes them positively significant and awe inspiring.  A combination of style and substance is what defines leadership presence. A heady mix of positive attitude, communication skills and requisite multi disciplinary skills combined with the special ability to take everyone along the journey of progress is what determines leadership presence.

leadership presence

So what are the attributes that constitutes leadership presence? There are several factors which determine the aspect of leadership presence. Given below are the five vital attributes which could contribute towards you refining your leadership presence better.

  1. Attain positivity: internally and externally

What inspires people to look up to you? What motivates them to listen to you intently and dedicatedly follow the guidelines set by you? What encourages them to step up their performance pedal and accelerate? There certainly is something about your positivity which inspires you to become better than what you are and also encourage others to look up to you.  And that external countenance of positive excitement is a result of the internal happiness and positivity that you have. Be positive, internally. You will spread the positivity externally and with great élan.

  1. Be the world for the speaker: Listen attentively

Everyone likes to be listened to and be given complete concentration to what he/she says. It is but human to feel appreciated when someone listens to us with rapt attention and makes us feel that the world has stopped for the moment.  Be that world for the speaker. Listen attentively, not only to the words spoken but also to the feelings outpoured. You will be a much sought after leader.

  1. Speak meaningfully and with clarity

There would be a need for you to contribute your thinking and put across opinions and suggestions to the individual or the group. During those times, ensure that you think out and weigh your ideas and suggestions before you speak out. Try to add meaning and value to the conversation through your words. Also, speak with clarity. This would help the other person douse his/her own doubts and fears.

  1. Watch your tone: They have the power to hurt and heal

When you speak, do take special care of your tone. As much as words have the power to make a difference, positive or otherwise, the way you say those words have greater power to hurt or heal. Watch your tone, especially when you have to pass across a negative message. Your leadership presence, in good times or otherwise will be watched and emulated to a large extent on how you communicate during the good times and the rough.

  1. Take care of your appearance

Clothes maketh a man goes the old adage. This could not be far from truth for individuals to showcase leadership presence, be it board meetings or business meetings or such formal occasions. It is advised that if you want to stand out impressively, one of the aspects that you need to take care is personal grooming. With an added combination of style and substance, your leadership quotient will propel to greater heights.









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