Emotional Intelligence Coaching

One of my favorite books on coaching is: Emotional Intelligence Coaching: Improving performance for leaders, coaches and the individual by Stephen Neale, Lisa Spencer – Arnell and Liz Wilson.


What made me pick this book was the Foreword written by Sir John Whitmore – “I believe that Emotional Intelligence and coaching are inseperable…..the book focuses on emotional intelligence first, indicating that it is the foundation stone for good coaching; it goes on to address the basics of coaching and then to tie the two together.”


It’s a book I highly recommend especially for the coach community. Not that my peers are not ‘emotionally intelligent’ already, but the book is sure to add value in some way or the other; both to them at an individual level and to their clients via their further sharpened skills.

I have personally received a lot of value from this book. One of the gems I picked up is ‘The EI COACH model’ (Page 152-153) which is a unique amalgamation of the process of coaching and the principles of EI (Emotional Intelligence). The authors have developed the model around the acronym

E (emotions)

I (intelligence)

C (current)

O (opportunities)

A (actions)

C (change measure)

H (how are you feeling now?)

The benefit a coachee would derive (over other models) is the ability to gauge his emotional wellness ( barometer) during the coaching sessions, between them and even after the coaching intervention is complete, if this model is used well.

With exercises and questionnaires to develop one’s own emotional intelligence and thereby be instrumental in helping the coachee develop his/her own, this book is a rich resource.

I agree with the authors “ Asking someone who is not emotionally intelligent to coach others is like sending a newly qualified driver out on the roads in a Formula 1 car.” (Page 48)

The Seven Steps Of Effective Executive Coaching : Book Review

The Seven Steps Of Effective Executive Coaching  by

Sabine Dembkowski

Fiona Eldridge

Ian Hunter

The testimonial by Sir John Whitmore on the front cover instinctively made me pick this book and every page I read made it clearer why it had been awarded such shiny words.

“It grabs one`s interest and holds it …. very convincing ….. will be invaluable to many coaches wishing to refine their skills” says Whitmore.

The theories and techniques are explained in detail and the icing on the cake is the real life practical examples of their applications. The detailed explanation of the CREATE model : a seven stage elaboration of the GROW model deserves special mention.

I found the book to be practical , usable , educational to the core , highly insightful and has driven home so many new ideas which I intend to use to sharpen my coaching skills so that I can provide better services to my clients.

Definately goes into the third shelf of my book case : where all my favourite books are !

My heartfelt thanks to the authors