YAY! My First Teleclass!

Wow !

I did it!      My first teleclass

Venue : International Coach Academy

Class: AC 200

Date: 11 December ’08

Time: 2-3 pm EST : 0030 hrs IST !!!! 

Topic: Moving Forward (Part 1)

How symbolic…..it was a moment which symbolised my personal forward movement to the accomplishment of my bigger goal.

I was paired with Joanne Waldmann, a very able trainer at ICA for years. I have been to many of her classes inspite of them being at unearthly hours (different time zones!!). A day before the class we had a great call where we discussed the outline I had drafted for the class and got great inputs from her to make the class interesting and tips on how to manage if the class was too small or too large! This could be such a variable factor …. I mean I could end up with as many as 30 participants or just 3 ! And further they may or may not be in a mood to share. Here the competency of creating a safe space, acknowledging different adult learning styles and making the class interesting become so relevant for the trainer/facilitator.

10 minutes before the class….A deep breathing exercise, a gulp of water and a run thru my notes. Here I asked myself this question : What is my intention for this class?

Was it : Trying to give an outstanding performance?  or was it getting good feedback from the participants? Well a few seconds of introspection just brought it out …… I wanted to honor the time and commitment of the participants by providing them as much value as I could from this class.

Just then the focus shifted from Me  to Them !!!!

And everything seemed to flow smoothly like it should have.

A warm welcome to the participants from different countries of the world ( 14 in all ) followed by Joanne introducing this new (mine) voice to the group. Then it was all mine.

We did a little warm up meditation to set the intention of the participants and to get them centered in. This took us to the next segment I had planned where they were asked to share their wins or accomplishments if any of the past week be it personal or professional. Wow! there were so many! And this set a tone of positivity and jubilation for the class.This technique of sharing wins was something that I picked up in Bill’s classes.Thanks Bill Turpin.

While introducing the topic I told the group that I had designed “Group Coaching” for them around “Moving Forward”. Getting their approval was important and was recieved promptly.

The pattern was me asking them questions, them pondering over them and then loads of discussion around it. I was armed with so many questions but 4-5 down the line I wanted to dance in the moment with the intention of breaking the monotony by introducing a case study. I picked up an interesting one and guess what again from one of Bill’s classes!! Thanks again Bill (just in case you are reading this, I am referring to the client with the fear of public speaking)

And boy did this open a can of worms!! We had loads of tools from our able coaches to move this client forward. I took notes like mad….am sure others did too.

The case study led to stories and experiences. I had one  which I had planned to share but the baton  never got to me. It was almost the top of the hour when I asked the participants for their take away’s and this was the best part, the part when my intention and effort felt validated. Its only when Joanne reminded us that we are 3 minutes beyond the hour and that she needed to leave for Supervised Coaching that the spell was broken.

I thanked the participants on the discussion board and Lo Behold! I got a beautiful acknowledgement.

Here it is:

Dear Shalini,
I would like to acknowledge your warmth, kindness, enthusasim and grace as a teleclass leader. I experienced you creating a safe and energized space in which we could all participate.
Congratulations on doing so!
Warmest regards,
Nicki “

( Nicki McClusky is a practicing Self Psychology Psychotherapist, Life Coach (www.lifecoachingfromthebridge.com) and Voice Coach (www.findyourvoice.com) in St. Louis, MO, USA and has authored 4 books.)

Thank you Nicki!!