“It takes a lot of commitment, hard work and nurturing to become a good coach. But to Shalini it comes instinctively. Her natural talent, empathetic style, and commitment to the coached make her stand out from the crowd. I have worked with Shalini for over a year now and find her to be a person with the right mix of humility, enthusiasm, high integrity and limitless patience.”

Akash Chander, AS Client Services Country Director (RoW), Logica

“Since the little time I have known Shalini, there is a radical change in my life. She is not only a Great Coach, Mentor, Guide, Friend, but a truly amazing human being too; that’s the reason she is so successful as a “Life Coach”. Shalini has a unique ability to shift people with gentleness and ease. As my coach I saw that she has the amazing talent of looking at matters from multiple perspectives and sharing this through clear understandable communication. A very positive person and a wonderful motivator, she is an excellent coach who is able to bring out the real issues and to challenge current behaviors and attitudes in a way that moves the coachee to excel and live life to the fullest. I wish her all the very Best for all her current and future endeavors and highly recommend her to anybody looking out for a reliable, proactive and amazing coach. Good Luck…”

Akhilendra Ukesh, Client Manager – IBM

“Shalini is an excellent coach who always demonstrated a strong and supportive coaching presence, leading her clients to effective planning and new insights. Good work, Shalini!

Sheri Boone MCC, Trainer at International Coach Academy, Australia


“I found Shalini when I was desperately looking for an ‘Alchemist’ to answer my questions of life. Is she an Alchemist? NO !! She is not. She is actually a magician who helps you to find the alchemist hidden inside you. She gave me some tools that helped me immensely to find answers to my life. I found that I count on her intellect to decide between the right and the wrong. If you are in a hell of confusions finding hard to decide which way to chose then this “magician” can really help you out.Just discuss your doubts, beliefs n problems with her… you will be surprised to find that what an amazing trainer you have found. Shalini you are a real gem to be treasured. Thanx for being there.”

Abhinav Srivastava, Research Associate at Alwar Institute of Engineering and Technology

“Shalini is one of those people you just know to watch out for. Calling Shalini a super-achiever may not be sufficiently describing her. Working with her is very inspiring. Pay attention world to your new, up-and-coming superstar.”

Bjorn Martinoff, President/CEO and Executive Coaching Legend, Fortune 100 Coaches International

“Shalini Verma has been my online coach for the past 3 months and her guidance has been instrumental in turning around my business and in some way my personal life. I just wrote a huge national contract that makes me feel indebted to her even more, so I will like to let anyone who wants to know that Shalini Verma is an expert dedicated coach, She has a gentle non-judgmental way of dealing with issues as they arise and is always quick to point out the positive aspects of the situation. She has provided me with direction and in some cases purpose, then she spurred me on to action in a gentle coaxing way she has about her. . Although she has been coaching me on line from India, I have developed a close partnership with her as my mentor and coach. From her initial interview I knew that she was exactly what I wanted in a coach. I found myself opening up to her and sharing at a level that I have been unable to with another coach that I worked with face to face some years ago. The best part about having Shalini Verma as a coach is that the value she provides far outweigh her coaching fee. I am glad to recommend her anytime and to anyone who is looking for a coach who is totally committed to bringing out the best in themselves. AT&T and most large corporations outsources their services to India for a very good reason. Expert coaching and mentoring has gone global, so now you too can outsource your coaching services at a fraction of the cost anywhere else in the world. .”

Tony Puckerin, CEO Guerilla Marketing Company based out of Trinidad and Tobago

“Shalini, as she prefers to be addressed,
is indeed gentleness and warmth… walking tall.
It’s been a rare challenge for me to choose the apt words
that personify her strengths in toto, ever since I have known her: thanks to Linkedin.
If there is a need in any one to be helped and put the spring back: in her/his stride
s/he has to speak to Shalini or meet her in person!
God gifted with a voice that carries an embedded smile perpetually,
you can feel it warming you as you converse.
For better always, and never for worse.
Ahhh…that reminds me she is good at verse too.
Her Verse is Terse but true…so true.
Talent is like a seed stuck under a huge boulder in a rain starved desert.
Now visualize this seed germinating once some water seeps under the boulder
and germinates the seed after years of thirst.
The bloom would happen…
and happens more often than not,and soon peeks out so strikingly from beneath the boulder! A natural marvel! Have you ever witnessed that phenomenon?
Well here is Shalini who epitomizes the above.
Very keen listener, observer of details and open hearted professional
who is out to conquer the world on her own.
She will burn the sun…soon, with her sense of commitment and diligence.
Not afraid of the woods…and always willing to run when she hits the road.
Knowing her is luck.
Learning from her is Good Luck and she definitely has the Pluck!
Have you heard of “The right stuff”?
Well here is one.
Tough from within, zealous, with a never say die attitude, willing, caring, sharing, selfless, professional, with a uncanny knack of making you comfortable from the word go. What are you waiting for…knock on her door now…and experience for yourself.
Come join the fun,scrape the skies and ask the sun to move out too…
create more space for her: “SkyScrapers.”
Her experiences have the foundations embedded so deep…
that the above dream of hers is a cake walk…
if you too decide, to walk the talk together, to gather with her…knowledge.”

Arun Sinha, Founder and CEO: Ramz Corporate Services


“One of the greatest not-so-ancient sages of India, Sri Aurobindo has said, “There are NO PROBLEMS, ONLY POTENTIALS for GROWTH”. When you start thinking of enlisting a coach in your troubled times, half the battle is already won; and if you have got thus far as to be reading this, consider the other 50% resolved. If you have the intuition, she has the magic. Many are talented to SOLVE problems but few gifted with that rare intuitive insight of how and where to be WITH you, patience to travel with you, help you discover YOUR POTENTIAL embodied in those problems and RESOLVE it, or let’s say ‘DISSOLVE’ it. Shalini can help you make a ‘balance-sheet’ of your ‘inner-outer coherence’ as well as one for your organisation / business. Isn’t it ALL about a balance-sheet finally? In my opinion, it is not so much as she who needs a recommendation; it is you who requires reassurance and reinforcement! You just got one. Even before you get to know her, before you realize, you will find yourself recommending her to those you care for, those you love. Wish you all the Best, Love and Peace.”

Surendra Gupta, CUSAG (P) Ltd, Commerce Under Sri Aurobindo`s Guidance



“Shalini comes across as a lively and genuine person with a passion for coaching. Her enthusiasm can be found in her answers or raising questions posted on the network I recommend you visit Her willingness to learn and the open mindset she carries is an added advantage when you interact with her.”

Vijay Micheal, GM – New Project Initiatives at Everonn Systems India Limited


“There are people in this world, who , while maintaining a low profile are achievers in the true sense of the word and who inspire and motivate millions of others without they themselves realizing it. Ms. Shalini Verma can quite aptly be prescribed as one such achiever.
          I was introduced to Ms. Shalini Verma more than a year ago and although our meeting was anything but in the context of a professional exchange of views, I must confess that our hour long interaction was extremely informative and Ms. Shalini Verma came across as an extremely determined and motivated woman who was very clear about what she wanted out of life . Her efforts in making a mark for herself in an entrepreneurial venture , few have heard of, let alone ventured into, is by itself exemplary to say the least. I have been following with great interest her successes in her area of expertise and have had no doubt whatsoever that she is on the verge of carving a niche for herself.
          It makes me proud to state, in no uncertain terms, that my own association with Ms. Shalini Verma and her considered advice and views on many issues I have been wrestling with, day in and day out, have been of immense help to me and have gone a long way in my attempting to lift myself out of the deep morass I have often found myself in.
          I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ms. Shalini Verma to prospective clients who could use her coaching expertise to bring about a qualitative improvement in their work and transform their lives for the better.
          I would not be wrong in saying that Ms. Shalini Verma comes across a whiff of fresh air with her perspectives and contributes positively in a manner where personal egos are transcended and enables one to sublimate the very purpose of human life.”

Suresh Kumar, Director,Indian Revenue Services


“Shalini is a superstar, and when you work with her things always improve. She seems to have bomb-proof enthusiasm and great ability to solve problems. The key issues we worked on was management and meditation. You get the impression that she is more interested in helping than anything else. Its been a real pleasure to work with her.” 

 Patrick James Wilson, United Kingdom

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